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Juno Refer-A-Friend Rules: Program

Referring Members may earn a one-time bounty for each person they refer to become a New Member for certain versions of the Juno dial-up or DSL Internet access service under the Juno Refer-A-Friend program. A Juno member becomes a Referring Member when a New Member provides the referring Juno member's valid Juno email address either 1) in the box designated for referrals during the registration process or 2) to the Juno customer service agent if registering over the telephone.

A "New Member" is a new subscriber that registers for a qualified standard Juno dial-up or DSL Internet access service through a floppy disk, pre-install, on the Internet, or registers over the telephone, provides the Juno email address of one Referring Member during the registration process, pays with a valid credit card, check, or electronic check, and remains an active member with an account in good standing for the first three months following registration.

A New Member cannot be a current or former subscriber to any Juno service. New Member specifically excludes any subscriber that elects to pay for the service by any method other than credit card, check, or electronic check unless otherwise allowed by Juno. New Member also specifically excludes any subscriber that signs up for the Platinum service for the Linspire or Lycoris operating systems or through the Internet Connection Wizard within the Microsoft Windows™ operating system.

Referral Process

A New Member must enter the Referring Member's valid Juno email address (an email address with as the mail domain) in the box designated for referrals during the registration process or provide the Referring Member's valid Juno email address to the Juno customer service agent if registering over the telephone. If a referral box or other mechanism is not provided during the registration process, then the particular service or version of the service is not a part of the Refer-A-Friend program. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, versions of the service that are less than $11.95 per month or include trial or free months may not be eligible for the Refer-A-Friend Program. New Members that switch from an eligible version of the service to an ineligible version of the service during the initial three month period do not qualify for bounties. If an email address other than a Juno email address is provided, no bounty will be earned even if such email address correctly identifies a particular Referring Member. A New Member may indicate only one Referring Member. No referrals, corrections or updates may be provided after registration is completed. Employees (and family members) of United Online or United Online subsidiaries are not eligible to participate in the Refer-A-Friend program.


The amount of the one-time bounty payable for each New Member attributable to a particular Referring Member is set forth on the Juno affiliate web page at . A Referring Member will earn the applicable bounty only when a New Member satisfies all of the required conditions and the Referring Member provides Juno with a valid mailing address. Juno reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a particular referral or New Member is fraudulent, and may withhold bounty payments pending such determination. Fraudulent referrals, Referring Members with invalid mailing addresses, or New Members do not qualify for bounties.


Juno will pay bounties to Referring Members approximately 45 days after the bounties are earned. Payment will be made in the form of a check sent to the valid address specified in a Referring Member's member profile. To update member profile, click Options at the top of the main Juno interface, then select "Update Member Profile". If the option is not available, go to Referring Members are responsible for providing correct address information at all times, and Juno is not responsible for undeliverable payments. Please report any problems or questions to Customer service representatives cannot answer questions regarding the Refer-A-Friend program over the telephone.


Juno may, in its sole discretion, discontinue or alter any aspect of the Juno Refer-A-Friend program at any time, without notice, and without liability. Visit these rules periodically for updates or changes. Juno may terminate or suspend your participation in the Refer-A-Friend program at any time. For the latest version of these rules, email us at

The Netzero Refer-A-Friend program is subject to the terms of service found here.

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