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1. What is the Juno Refer-A-Friend program?
In the Juno Refer-A-Friend program, Juno Members can earn $30 for each person they refer as a new Juno Turbo, Platinum or Juno DSL member.
2. How much do I earn for referring a friend as part of the Refer-A-Friend program?
A Referring Member will earn $30 for each friend they refer who satisfies all of the program requirements.
3. What are the requirements that my friend must meet so that I can earn a $30 referral reward?
Your friend must provide your email address when they register for Juno Turbo, Platinum or Juno DSL service through a CD, on the Internet or over the phone.
Your friend must paying member in good standing for the first 3 months after signing up. Your friend can't be a current or former Juno member.
4. How should my friend provide my email address to let Juno know that I referred them?
If your friend signs up on the web, he or she should enter your email address in the designated field during registration. If your friend registers by phone, he or she should mention it to the sales agent.
5. Can a Juno Free Member refer friends to Juno Turbo or Platinum or Juno DSL as part of the Refer-A-Friend program?
Yes, Juno Free Members are eligible to refer friends to Juno Turbo, Platinum or Juno DSL.
6. When and how will I receive my $30 referral reward?
Once your friend has satisfied all of the program requirements and you have provided Juno with a valid mailing address, Juno will pay you about 45 days after any referral rewards are earned.
Payments will be sent via check to the valid address specified in your member profile. To update your member profile, click here
7. Is there a limit to the number of New Members I can refer?
No. There is no limit to the number of New Members you may refer. As long as the New Member you refer meets all the program requirements you will earn the $30 referral reward.
8. What if I am encountering a problem or have a question that is not answered here?
Click here for a complete list of program rules and guidelines.
Please report any problems or send additional questions to
Customer Service reps can't answer questions regarding the Refer-A-Friend program over the telephone.
9. What will you do with the email addresses I submit for referral?
We will only send your friends a one-time Refer-A-Friend email invitation and their email addresses will not be stored or used for any other purposes.
10. What does the referral email my friends will receive say?
Click here to see a copy of the email that will be sent to your friends.

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