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Juno Internet Service Provider of SpeedBand, Platinum and Free Internet Service

Juno is a nationwide ISP offering consumers a choice of low price dial up Internet access options to meet their budget and personal Internet access needs.

Juno Platinum Internet service offers a value-priced high-quality Internet connection for -- less than half the price of other Internet Services Providers such as AOL, EarthLink and MSN**, only $11.95 per month*. This easy-to-use service will download in as little as 2 minutes and provides the best of what the Internet has to offer, including POP and web-based email, direct access to anywhere you want to go on the World Wide Web, reliable Internet connections, compatibility with popular instant messaging programs offered on AOL, Earth Link, MSN and Yahoo, and features such as easy access to search engines, news and sports headlines, shopping, and financial services with no banner ads. This Internet service is also available to Mac users.

For the occasional Internet user, Juno also offers an ad-supported Free ISP which gives consumers free internet access to anywhere on the Internet, for up to 10 hours each month, both webmail and POP free email, a reliable Internet connection, compatibility with many popular instant messaging programs offered by AOL, EarthLink, MSN and Yahoo**, and easy access to search engines, news and sports headlines, shopping, financial services and more. Download Juno free internet service in only 2 minutes at

Click here to compare the savings you will enjoy by using Juno Platinum service as your Internet Provider over the standard plans offered by other ISPS such as AOL, EarthLink, MSN and Yahoo**.

Juno can be accessed at both and and is available in more than 6,500 cities across the United States and in Canada.

Click here to learn more about Juno Internet Service.