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Parental Control Software

Parents concerned about their children's online safety can use special Parental Control software to help restrict, monitor, and manage their children's Internet usage, preventing them from accessing objectionable Web sites, and limiting access to chatrooms, Instant Messenger use, and other online activities.

Juno members who have Norton Internet Security are able to use Parental Controls to regulate what their children can access while online. For information on using Parental Controls with NIS, please click here.

Juno members interested in getting Norton Internet Security can learn more by clicking here.

There are also a variety of companies offering Parental Control software. We've listed three of the more popular programs below, along with their Web sites, where you can get more information about their products.

Parents can also find more companies, as well as reviews about software and options on buying by typing in "parental control software" into any search engine, such as Yahoo! or Google.

Juno provides the information on these products and services as a courtesy to Juno members. Juno does not endorse, nor is it affiliated with these products or services in any way. Juno members who choose to use these products, do so with the understanding that Juno is not responsible for providing technical support regarding the use of these products.

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