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What can I do to avoid getting spammed?


Bulk emailers often send their mail to email addresses that they find in chat rooms, newsgroups, mailing lists, or on the Web. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to determine how they found your email address. You should, however, be cautious when using your email address in any way that would make it publicly available. Some legitimate companies on the Web that request your email address may later sell it to bulk emailers; before submitting your email address to anyone on the Web, be certain you understand their privacy policies to learn how they will use it. Please note, it is Juno's policy to never to share your name or email address with any third party without your consent.

If you use Juno 5.0, you can avoid spam ever getting in your Inbox, by using a powerful new feature called Mail Assistants. If you receive a lot of unsolicited mail, you can use Juno to block the email addresses for people or organizations you receive the mail from. Blocking an email address creates a Mail Assistant that automatically moves the mail from the sender you specify to your Deleted Messages folder. If you decide that you want to receive mail from this particular email address again, you can always disable the Mail Assistant that was created.

To block an email address in Juno 5.0:

  1. In the message list of the Read screen, right-click the message that is from the email address you want to block and click Block Sender on the shortcut menu.

  2. A message appears confirming that all messages from this email address will be automatically deleted. Click OK.

  3. The next time you receive a message from this email address, it is automatically moved to your Deleted Messages folder; you never see it in your Inbox.

Please note, Mail Assistants are available only in Juno 5.0. To determine which version of Juno is installed on your computer, open Juno and click About Juno on the Help menu. The version of Juno currently installed on your computer is displayed at the top of the About Juno dialog box that appears. If you'd like to upgrade your Juno software, you can download the latest version for free by going to

You can also create your own Mail Assistants to handle spam. If you realize that certain words or phrases are repeated in messages you receive, you can create a Mail Assistant to delete those messages that contain that word or phrase, whether it's in the subject line or in the text of the message. For example, if you get spammed with messages that tell you how to get rich quickly, you can have your Mail Assistant delete messages that contain the phrase, MAKE MONEY FAST.

To create your own Mail Assistant:

  1. On the Options menu, click Mail Assistants.

  2. In the Mail Assistants dialog box, click New Assistant.

  3. In the New Mail Assistant box, click get to apply your Mail Assistant to mail you receive.

  4. Decide how many Mail Assistant conditions need to be met in your message. Following the text, and, you have the following options:

    • Click all to make sure that all conditions are met in the message before the action(s) is performed.

    • Click any to make sure that at least one of the conditions is met in the message before the action(s) is performed.

  5. Click the arrow to select your condition type and then type the appropriate value. For example, if you receive many spam messages about making money, you could select the condition, the text contains, and then type Make Money Fast in the box below.

  6. Click the arrow under do this to select your actions and then type the appropriate values. For example, you could select the action, delete it. This way, any time you get a message that contains the text, "make money fast," it is automatically deleted.

  7. Select the Continue applying my other mail assistants after this one executes check box to enable other Mail Assistants to run after this one runs. Clear this check box if you want this Mail Assistant to be the last Assistant that is applied to your messages.

  8. In the Mail assistant's name box, type a descriptive name for your Mail Assistant. For example, "Junk Mail Remover."

  9. Click OK.

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